Rahama Sadau
Kannywood actress suspended by MOPPAN

…by Kambideen O. Ahmed

Aminu Kano Dabo Collage of Health Sciences


The potential of Kannywood as an industry to portray bad example and have the wrong influence on teeming youths, based on what is acceptable or otherwise by both the culture, tradition and religion of the people, whose interest it is suppose to serve as well as where it is based i.e. Kano and environs is no more in doubt as its antecedents is showing.

From #Hiyanagate to #Maishunkugate to #AliNuhugate to #FilmVillagegate and now to this #RahamaSadaugate, it is obvious that the actors and actresses are simply living their 5 minutes of fame, careless of what implications their indulgence could have upon the society they represent.

Each is trying his or her utmost best to outdo the other in their strive to be famous, only to end up achieving nothing but infamy. Those who have been part of the business and were eventually frustrated out have often come forth with heinous revelations about the ill activities practiced in it.

And each time something detestable manifests from their lot and midst, there are those (both Muslims and non-Muslims) who come fast to their defense, claiming one reason or another as justifications why they should be left to continue doing their thing. After all it’s their life and not anybody’s.

rahma-sadau-classiqMany among the Christians who wade into this kind of saga whenever it rears its head, would cite the biblical verse “Thou shall not judge” and demand that everybody should be left to his or her God to judge them for their behavior and actions. But where such acts infringes on public interest, what do they proffer should be done about it?

Some would also say “Let he who is free from sin cast the first stone” quoting Jesus to deter anybody from castigating one found guilty of a terrible misdeed or sin. We all know for a fact that every dog eats shit. But the one that does it shamelessly in public, is the one that gets called a “Dirty dog.”

So no need for anyone to get excited about some people being holy than thou or stuffs like that. Just that it is clearly unpleasant watching a dog eat shit in full view of all. I sincerely believe anybody with some sense of decorum would understand it from that perspective.

Rather than let it happen and then ignore, it is best to prevent it from happening in the first place. And if one is too weak to stop himself or herself, some privacy in doing it ought to be observed. But where a person chooses to expose perpetrating the act in public, people’s reactions should be anticipated.

We all know breast-feeding by lactating mothers is a natural human practice. But do you know that in certain public places, in some European and US cities, they find the practice so uncool, they have enacted laws to prevent women from exposing their breasts to feed their babies?

rahamatDoes it occur to any that these women and children’s rights are being infringed upon by such imposed laws? Though some human rights advocates take a stand against such imposition, yet many so-called activists turn a blind-eye to them, in order to protect the “decency” of the public so affected.

By this simple example, you can understand why Muslims get excited about the young actress Rahama Sadau doing what she did in public. She is identified by her reported mettle to be a Muslim and by her lifestyle, mode and disposition to represent the Hausas, even if she is not.

Were she a Christian, Jew, Atheist etc, many Muslims would not be bothered about her unbecoming public display of  false affection in the musical video and many examples abound to attest to these fact. Many actresses from Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood can be seen doing it, whoever cares.

But Rahama Sadau is a Muslimat and by that qualification comes the disapproval of her actions from her fellow brothers and sisters and thus their subjecting her to judgment against what is the standards and norms among the creed and ethnic group she represents. Work or no work, it is unacceptable on both fronts.

As Muslims, everyone is responsible for the other person in the religion. The whole global Islamic Umma (community) is one entity and each part should respond to the joys and pains of the rest of the body. A fever is responded to with high temperature by all parts of the body.

Thus if the hand or mouth or eyes in a body engages in something that will cause it harm, since the whole body stands to suffer the consequences, wouldn’t it be wise out of self preservation if the brain instructs the legs to run in the opposite direction and the tongue to express staunch disapproval to the careless part.

raaahmahFortunately, unlike the human body that is united in its purpose of existence and react to issues harmoniously, we humans are individualized and we feel pains and bear consequences all alone. But, but by extension, such hurts still affects our family friends, loved one and society in general.

So, that notion of “It’s my life” is not applicable in Islam. Your life though yours alone, but is intertwined, inter-connected with several others who are referred to as family. What you do will relate to each of those associated to you by blood, neighborhood and by faith. So, in Islam we are all as one united entity.

This is why the problems of Muslims in any part of the world is felt by the rest of the Umma in other part of the world and thus they feel the hurt the affected part feels by extension and even express their concern through formal complains, peaceful demonstrations and even rioting.

Talking about JUDGING a person therefore, whoever doesn’t want to be judged, let him keep his sins and atrocities discreet and secret. Or else, if the person should dare let his evil acts be exposed, display it to be seen of all or proudly damns the consequences of engaging in such vices to the knowledge of all, he  or she should be ready to face the people and their critical reactions, condemnation and judgment passing.

Besides, is that not why God Created the private part of life. Even in our individual selves, our thoughts are designed to dwell in our minds, strictly confined and are meant for our personal contemplation only. Not until we decide to expose such thoughts in words to the hearings of one or many, does it become revealed.

Let no one come forth and tell members of society not to express their disgust, dismay, disapproval, distrust, disaffection, dis-etcetera about such actions or wanton expose. Each of us should therefore watch what we do or say wherever we may find ourselves, either private or public.

rahama-sadauWhatever we do in private of good or evil is between us and God and it is for Him to judge. Nobody has the right to say anything in the matter. But, if anyone dares to do anything in broad daylight, under the watchful eyes of all and sundry, then the public is entitled to have its say about it i.e. pass its judgment over it.

Dazz’ol! Faqat! Enokwa! Be ni! Shikenan!

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