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Image may contain: 1 person, closeupDesignWorld INTERNATIONAL (DWi) presents POET & POETESSA, a segment that celebrates poets and poetessas from across the globe, whose poetic craftsmanship has distinguish them from the rest of the crowd.

There are many outstanding bards scattered across the 6 continents of our poetic world and among them are both seasoned and budding ones. Some are published with one or more anthologies to their credit, while others still struggling to register their names among authors with a maiden book to show.

Fame starts somewhere and DWi as part of its support and encouragement to poets, both male and female, world renown and obscure, published and aspiring etc wants to be one of the platforms upon which talented poem writers can be introduced to the world.

Some are already famous, yet still unknown by many. Others are just beginning to glow in the dark, having been hidden from view by lack pf exposure nor have they been hugged even once by the sun and its shine.

A spotlight will henceforth beam upon them and their literary works as they each stand on stage to be introduced to our world, your world, that DesignWorld.

Each poet or poetessa would feature three (3) of the most exciting poems from his or her collections. And with them, give the reader a taste of what poetic endowment he or she is blessed with. Observations, comments, criticisms, questions and inquiries are welcome to be directed to the poet or poetessa. This we believe will make the poets better at what they do.

On that note, DWi hereby wishes to introduce a POETESSA in the person of a NASEEBA BABALE.

Bayero University Kano Graduate Nasiba Babale is a Kano-based Biomedical Scientist, who specializes in Clinical Biochemistry. She is an aspiring writer and poet. Her poems are so deep and meaningful, they have been published in many online literary groups, pages and websites as well as physically in newspapers and magazines. The young woman is single.

Here are her 3 of her outstanding poems from her many collections of poetry:




I am a black woman

I, descendant of a black man

My air, more soothing than a fan

Naturally black, no need for a tan.


I am a symbol of morality

African woman of unique hospitality

Innocent, self aware, epitome of modesty

Don’t you see in me, an African beauty?


I am a woman that walks with grace

A radiant smile, shining on my face

My heart pure, no harm, not even a trace

For my loved ones, I am a reliable brace.


I am unique in my own way

Wisdom is there in every word I say

I am warm at night or middle of the day

The price of my elegance, you can never pay


I am a black woman

I, daughter of a noble clan

I’m the dream of every man

Is there above me any other woman?

(c)Nasiba Babale – 11th August, 2016



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We live in a world filled with fear

For ourselves and those we hold dear

Even though our homes are near

We get frightened at the slightest sound we hear


Tears run down on every face

Mourning and sorrow have filled every space

In the morning we walk full of grace

But before night falls, joy is gone with no trace


Perpetrators of evil, do they feel fantastic?

Joyous at death of masses, how animalistic!

Our dreams and happiness they have made static

This is lunacy, to be realistic!


The world is covered in a pool of blood

Everywhere is stained with a great flood

People are busy looking for shrouds

Corpses everywhere, displayed on grounds


Misery knocks on everyone’s door

It is spilled all over, even on the floor

It runs everywhere in a heavy flow

Knocking down everything, with a single blow


Where do you go to find an exit

In this world that is full of bullshit?

Surely we need for this world, a swift transit

Where peace would have a permanent seat!


(c) Nasiba Babale – November 29th, 2014



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The soothing air that enveloped me

With a warm embrace

The air that wiped my tears

And vanished my fears

An air that was always by my side

To hold me in tear and soothe me in fear


The air that was my light in darkness

My food in hunger

My drink in thirst

My solace in awe

My hope in all dreams


The air that lit my face with a smile

And vanished the gloom on it

The air that supported and believed in me

That lovely air that kissed my heart

And caressed my soul


In that air lay my hopes and dreams

All my yearnings and aspirations

In it were all my trust and comfort

All my peace and happiness

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The air that was a galaxy of shining stars

A garden of lush grasses

An orchard of ripe fruits

A flock of singing birds

A river of sweet, flowing water


Alas! The air moved away

Away from my sight and my reach

Leaving me with a sunken heart

Filled with the memories of old times!


(c)Nasiba Babale – 3rd October, 2013

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