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The best movies in the near future will not be from Hollywood or other “wood” suffixes, but from “Dreamywood”.

Dreamywood movies will be films that each individual dreamer will be casted in, in his or her daily sleep, which will be recorded by a sci-tech devise.

Once Science & Tech is able to capture our amazing dreams when we fall sleep for keeps, that will be the end of the conventional Box Office movies.

A new era of movie promotion, marketing, sales, watching etc will be born. Pay per watch will become another thing entirely.

In that development, film scripts will be original, authentic and genuine. Not fiction or prefabricated as obtainable now.

Everybody will virtually become a celebrity of sort as one movie hit after another will keep coming forth from different nooks and corners of the globe.

Image may contain: bedroom and indoorJust like YouTube now, an industry will emerge which will pay for dreams that are most entertaining in so many genre, from different and diverse cultures and traditions.

And the beauty of it all? It will cost next to nothing to produce. All that huge, humongous budgets of Hollywood films would be a thing of the past, a laughing stock.

The film industries across the world would collapse as individuals would by default be the sole source of movies, that will be sensational, making waves all over.

No more need for a producer, director, scriptwriter, cameras, makeup artist, actor and actresses, locations, digital effects, studios, stages, stunts etc to make a film.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, ocean, outdoor and waterThe mind of each person will put up a mega buster dream movie in the head or heart or wherever of the dreamer. The exciting part of it, no one know exactly what will be produced.

A recording means, selling at a very affordable rate would subsequently have it stored for watching thereafter as a motion picture by everybody.

Like I keep saying, people of the future will be laughing at our movie making technological advancement now, just like we find those of the past amusing, tedious and funny.

So many of us would turn to “Dreamcasters”. And using available highly advance information dissemination super-highway, many will share their dream “movies” at a virtual fee, turning themselves into instant multi-millionaires.

Image may contain: swimming and waterUntil that comes to pass, enjoy your wondering in the woods, some of which are holly, others bolly, homeward we have our nolly and of course our kanny.

Just my mind musing…

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