INTRODUCING – Exotism, A Story Worth Telling


As many as there are humans, so are there stories to tell by each individual soul. In fact, many have several fables to recount about themselves as well as about other fellow humans or living and even non-lining things. Some say that there are even much more stories to tell, if only all things both living and non-living can possess the ability to talk. Each tale to tell would be unique in its own right, for no two tales are ever the same. There is always a difference, no matter how slight or little.

As the famous adage goes “There stories are stories and there are stories”. While some stories are just that, stories, several others are absolutely captivating or even enchanting to listen to, read about or watch. Again while some of us are natural story teller with the ability to arrest our attention with their narration, many others recount their joys or sorrows only to themselves and within their minds. The details are too shocking to reveal.

Sensational stories are exciting to hear or read about and the more sensational the story the better. In fact, due to our love for amazing, beyond imagination stories, many with the flare for unbelievable thrillers or chillers go beyond themselves, transversing our realm into the world of fiction, where the mind is set free to create the most impossible of settings and place characters within them, describing their every actions and reactions much to our delight and do we lap it up. Multi-billion dollar industries like the movies and publishing outlets are thriving upon such imaginary adventures, creating a franchise in the process and rich multi-million dollar storytellers in the process. Harry Potter, Star wars and Avatar are typical examples.

That is Hollywood, the world of the make-believe. However real life experiences are often painful to recollect most especially if they are tragic. Most stories are never told, even the good and happy ones, at least not to the listening, reading or watching public. If anyone who has been through a saga either one with a happy ending or a sad terrible one and still finds it worth telling, then is able to revisit the scenario all over again and tell the gory details, not only will it benefit those fortunate to hear such outpour and possibly prevent a reoccurrence, but it can go a long way in making a person overcome the psychological trauma associated with the memories of such an experience. It is often the first step that leads to recovery.

Happy or sad, funny or serious, love or hate, simple or complicated etc are just a few of the words used to describe many a story, it all depends on the subject matter. Which category does your story fall into? Ordinary folks with extra-ordinary stories, that essentially is what this segment is all about. Exotism: A Story Worth Telling is a column designed to give readers the opportunity to tell their real, factual, soul-touching true life stories that are worth sharing with fellow humans, some of which many individuals would find difficult, if not impossible to tell.




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