…by Tijjani Muhammad Musa



There is one very important word which is very fundamental in the scheme of all things in existence and that is CONTROL! Until you understands what it means exactly and how important it is in life, you are just existing and have not started living.

Each of us is just like a twig spiraling downhill in a fast and turbulent stream. Unless you have control, you are nothing but a floater, at the mercy of that churning river called life. Because essentially that is what this life is all about, CONTROL.

It is either you are in control or you are being controlled.

Money is nothing without power. Power is nothing without control. In fact, it absolutely dangerous, to have it. If you can’t control yourself, you surely cannot control anything or anyone. So, the secret of a successful life or otherwise, starts with you, with that – your Self Control.

Control yourself and you control your world. Of paramount importance is to master it. To know when and where to apply it. Upon what to and why to? Be in control of using it, when you are in charge, that is. Or allow its application upon you, when you are under it.

Remember, there is a time to exert it and a time to allow it be exerted upon you.

The latter is also being in control, since you are the one who willingly allows it to happen. In fact, that is when you are most powerful. They can call it “subordination” OR “subduing”, but just smile because you know it is your “self-control” at work.

For that is precisely what it is. You are still the one in charge of it all.

Unless you control yourself and allow yourself to be controlled, while controlling other factors and resources, there will never be progress in human society. So, you are the one who is ultimately in CONTROL.


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