caranda logoOUR VISION

Assist organizations to concentrate on their core-competences.


To provide short term talent at all levels within an organisation to achieve flexibility in staffing options.

Caranda Management Services Limited was incorporated as a private limited liability company in December 2003, with the main objectives of providing among other things, management and consultancy services in addition to human capital outsourcing function. It has a Recruiters’ License from the Federal Ministry of Labour thus fully authorized and recognized as a Recruiting Agency.

Caranda Management Services (CMSL) is determined to play its role in ensuring that its clients get maximum satisfaction by looking at ways of improving its existing services to make their business partners happy and to contribute its quota to national development by ensuring the best service delivery.


The company provides staff on contract basis. Many satisfied clients can testify to the fact that CMSL provide effective and efficient trained staff to carry out tasks at different levels and positions in an organization. Since the major concern of any organization is to achieve its set goals and objectives, Caranda Management ensures that an organization gets the best of staff and value for employing its OUTSOURCING services. The company is proud of the reputation it has gained so far in this regard and plan to improve on it.

As friends of the environment and promoters of good healthy living, in executing its CLEANING services, the outfit seeks to keep a clean and hygienic environment for its clients by using experienced personnel, quality products and equipments, creating and maintaining a clean and conducive working environment which can enhance productivity among employees of an organization.

In the area of FUMIGATION, pests like cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes etc are generally carriers of disease causing bacteria and germs and this usually result in a number of infections and sicknesses. Caranda’s highly trained professionals in pests control and management will ensure that its customers have a pest-free corporate or residential environment they deserve.

What are the BENEFITS of outsourcing certain categories of your organizational staff from Caranda Management Services Limited on contractual basis?

There are indeed many advantages and benefits to be gained, some of which include the following:

*           Allow your organization to concentrate fully on your core competence, run more efficiently and save operations cost. This means that CMSL will serve as a Unit that will take-off the burden of your non-core but very important activities from you, which otherwise could lead to unnecessary waste of time, energy and resources.

*             Makes it easier for budgetary purposes.

*           Caranda Management will manage your outsourced staff in accordance with the relevant Labour Laws and will provide them with benefits  such as health management benefits, leave allowance, pension etc according to their grades i.e. the full-time staff.

*          You do not have to bother hiring, training or firing a staff as all it takes is a letter instructing CMSL to either recruit or fire a recalcitrant    employee.

*             It can serve as your employment agency by screening applicants and choosing the best person to fill a particular vacancy after an objective job recruitment analysis e.g. basic educational qualification, pre-job training needed, on the job training required, physical and mental abilities required of an employee to assist your organization achieve its corporate results.


Caranda Management Services Ltd’s clients since commencement of operation in 2003 include:caranda4

1. UnityBank Plc, Head Office, Abuja

2.   UnityBank Branches Nationwide

3. Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Kano

4. Pelican Prints, Kano

5. Hexalix Properties Limited

6. UnityKapital Assurance Plc Head Office, Abuja

7. UnityKapital Assuranc Branches, Nationwide.

8. UnityCapital & Trust Limited

At the moment, CMSL provides the following categories of staff to Unity Bank Plc and Unity Kapital Assurance Plc nationwide on contract basis:

 1. Secretarial Executive

2. Drivers

3. Office Assistants

4. Technicians

5. Dispatch Riders

6. Receptionists

7. Bulk-Tellers

8. Lift Operators

9. Cleaners

10. Gardeners


11. Cash Loaders

12. Mail Clerks

13. Generator Operators

14. Telephone Operators

15. Outsourced Tellers, Marketers, Debt Recovery Officers etc.

They are also managing an agreement reached between Unity Bank and Rivers State Government under the Graduate Work Experience Scheme (GWEPS) where unemployed graduates are trained by us and posted to various Unity Bank Branches within the Region to acquire a work experience.

CARANDA organizes periodic training, workshops, seminars etc for categories of staff out-sourced to it, usually in partnership with some specialized agencies, the invitation of resource persons and a two-day condensed all encompassing weekend training. Unless otherwise occasioned by some special circumstances, Caranda Management Services do not request for sponsorship, reimbursements and or settlement of expenses incurred on training contract staff.

The corporate outfit also cleans private residences by using modern machines and equipments that clean and fumigate buildings and their surroundings for all its clients on regular basis or as may be agreed upon.

CMSL is presently operating nationwide in all branches of Unity Bank Plc, Kapital Assurance Plc and the Department of Petroleum Resources Kano. It also maintains corporate presence in the following geographical locations:

1. Abuja, FCTcaranda6

2. Bauchi

3. Benin

4. Kaduna

5. Kano

6. Lagos

7. Maiduguri

8. Makurdi

9. Minna

10. Nassarawa

11. Plateau

12. Port Harcourt

13. Sokoto

caranda5CARANDA Management Services Limited charges is moderate and affordable. In all cases it only charges 20% as management fee of whatever is paid to it and pay 80% to the out-sourced staff. However, this rate is subject to negotiation by any client as some may wish to suggest a different approach to CMSL charges and what may be paid to the employee. This is so in the case of our cleaners and the fact that where Caranda Management provide cleaning services, they also have to provide the monthly consumables i.e., toiletries, liquid soaps, air fresheners etc.

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