…by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Literati galore was how best to describe April 2018 BUK’s monthly Creative Writers Forum, which was such a huge hit with Bilkisu El-Yakub’s ~ The Black Panther ~ poem winning the Prof. Mustapha Muhammad Literary Award (PMMA) for month of March, 2018.

THE BLACK PANTHER – Bilkisu Ibrahim El-Yakub


In the maze and lines of the magical core
The vibranium, the armor of the great soldiers
A cure for all ailments…
As darkness engulfed the universe
Ravaging lands, stopping fetal movements
Butchering the necks of women…

Previous PMMA winners Hauwa El-Yakub with her ~ Impossible Possible Feeling! ~ and Poetic Tee’s ~ How To Love A Woman ~ set the house ablaze! Ummi Sarki Abubakar’s ~ I’m A Mother ~ equally excited the house to the max.

With many, from Professors, Doctors, academic lecturers, students and lovers of poetry and other literary genres in attendance, the venue was filled to the brim for the last Tuesday of each month’s gathering.



Impossible possible feeling
A relationship never to be
he loves me, but cannot have me
I adore him, but cannot keep him.
So wrong a feeling, so right!…

With only room for 10 literary submissions per session, which can either be poetry, prose or drama, most attend to savor renditions from veterans and budding talents alike, thereafter critically critique, pass comments or simply make observations.

Among the flash points of the day was Sakky Jojo’s brand new published historical play titled Afònjá, which was specially presented by 3 talented young students in a theatrical reading format that had the house enchanted. It makes one hunger for the full play.

HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN – Poetic Tee “Here, take a sip”


A woman needs mainly attention
Wrong move, put her on suspension.
She’s often a bag of confusion
Most especially in handling her own emotions.
To love a woman, tender an apology
Whether you’re wrong or right. It’s a strategy.

Other poems and short stories presented by young talents like Qalbsaleem Muhammad’s Dearest Mother, Idris Ayomo’s Ode To An Eyeful Pea-Hen and Amos Augustine’s Dancing Pen also captivated the attention of the audience.

Ismaila Bala and his piece Creative Writing 2, Mahmud Zukogi with How Ye Red Flaggers and Sadiq Madabo’s My Dark Eyed Damsel completed the number of poems read at the hot afternoon monthly event.

DEAREST MOTHER – Qalbsaleem Muhammad


Reaching me in places
where no light dare penetrate
Yet I could feel your warmth
Your delightful, delicate fingers
Before I could see the light
But that was enough light. For me.

In the short story category, The Golden Staff was presented by a young female writer Aisha Abubakar Muhammad much to the encouragement and delight of those in attendance.

However, though scheduled, When Oranges Grow On Banana Trees could not be read due to the writer Okafor Chimaobi Emmanuel’s absence.

THE GOLDEN STAFF – Aisha Abubakar Muhammad


“Listen carefully, Victoria, I’m dying.” “You`re not!” Victoria cried. “You’re not, you’re not.”
“Listen dear, there’s something I have to tell you before I die,” she coughed blood.
“Granny, let go, it`s blood.” Victoria warned.
“I have to tell you. We are poor you know.” Victoria nodded. “But our family rules, dear. We own something that nobody has in this world, the only thing dear. You have to find it. Your parents hid it before they were killed, before they died.” Victoria gasped, Molly had never told her that her parents were killed…”

Among the important university personalities present were Prof. Adamu Idris Tanko, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Tijjani Imam of Biological Sciences Dept. and Dr. Shuaib Muktar Shuaib, Dept. of Islamic Studies.

Prof. Badmus Muhammad (Theatre Arts), Dr Bala Muhammad (Mass Comm.), Dr. Saka Aliyu (History) and Ahmad Abubakar Dr. were among the highly participatory and interactive attendance that made the occasion worth its onions.

DANCING PEN – Amos Augustine


The war has kicked off
Need to sign in first
My heart drives first
When will this be off?
Thirty five minutes after ten
My pen chewed from one to ten.

Time eventually truncated the thrilling session, which was set to take the event into dusk, aptly chaired by Mahmud Zukogi of the English Department.

Next BUK CWF get-together is thus scheduled for 2:00pm of 29th May, 2018 corresponding to a Tuesday in the upcoming Islamic spiritual month of Ramadan 1439AH.

The curtains were then drawn. bringing to an end the monthly celebration of letters and their craftsmanship.

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