Could These Be The Possible Reasons Why?
…by Kambideen Abusiddiq

Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi: His bride & her groom

When the news and images of Ahmad Indimi’s wedding Lefe to Zahra Buhari started circulating I thought nothing of it, until I heard the number of bags totaling 24 at first, then later said to be about 30 pieces. I still made excuses for their excitement, making further room in my mind to accommodate that.

After all she is the daughter of President Muhammad Buhari the man currently in power, and she is set to marry the son of one of the riches men in Nigeria, multi-billionaire Senator Muhammad Indimi. So it was a case of power crossing paths with riches. It is no common occurrence, far from it.

Now, given these rare qualifications, it was again to be understood that the marriage and attending ceremonies would not be quite ordinary. Here again they should not be. Some in the media were already dubbing it the “Wedding of the century”. Well, frankly speaking I personally beg to disagree to that title.

buhari-on-judges-2aisha-buhari-1For how could it be that, when she was going in as a second wife. Isn’t the ideal about young, fresh love between two innocent souls caught up in a rapture that is uncontrollable, defying all logic. Or is it only about the amount spent during the occasion? Love matters no more, right?

And from the way Zahra was being celebrated by the media, most especially new media as our latest “Princess of the tabloids”, being all that beautiful, young and a fresh graduate many were looking forward to a fairy tale love-match and wedding for her. A Nigerian version of Princess Diana of sort. Alas it was not to be.

Zahra’s marriage to Ahmed Indimi started out quietly and suddenly as an underground rumour. That Aisha Buhari, her mother, wife of the President contracted that a suitor be found for her daughter whom she fears because of her public attractions could make her no-nonsense father marry her off to anyone, pronto due to his simplicity, humbleness and principles.

So, within a month or thereabout Ahmad Indimi among those approached found the proposal acceptable. But already married, she was to come into his nuclear Indimi Family as his wife number two. Thus as would have been expected, a celebration of found love usually associated with such kind of young soul like Zahra’s was not to be. If the relationship has been on going, rest assured the media would not have stayed off cashing in on it.

Under normal circumstances, given the fact that she is a 21st century chic who studied abroad and was liberal in her interactions, a socialite and highly exposed personality, even at her age, the young lady would have protested such an “arrangee” marriage. But clearly the contrary seems to be the case. Zahra is seen to be comfortable and accommodating the unfolding nuptial developments.

zahra-lefe-2lefen Now, why would that be, many were wont to ask? Two things readily comes to mind. One is, she must have a very sound and trusting relationship with her mother, so much as to allow the older woman choose a life partner for her and for the younger woman to wholeheartedly accept her choice.

Or else the price tag must be worth it. And with her groom personal worth into billions of Naira, it could be possibly douse to any rebellious mind, most especially of a trending and fashion-conscious woman. Highly conscious of her public looks and constantly giving the paparazzi poise and poses to celebrate her with, the bride to be is constantly ready for their shots.

Soon the hitherto rumour gained currency and became established that the singly most celebrated young maiden in the media, at least for now, Zahra Buhari was to be married off, albeit hurriedly within one month (November – December) to one of the wealthiest families in Nigeria, The Indimis.

Well, what would one expect for a young, beautiful and educated lady, with an iconic father who happens to be the most powerful man in the country, with a reputation that is solid as a rock? Without much ado, December 2 was scheduled for the Wedding Nikkah and by Friday November 18th, the “Lefe” a traditional wedding gifting event took place at the Presidential Aso Villa in Abuja.

Zahraahmed-indimiiReports about the show-off of stupendous wealth by delivering about 30 Louis Vuitton designer bags in 30 different assorted cars, true or not, was awash in the media, both social and traditional. The wedding gifts value contained in the bags, nobody can ascertain for now.

But the cost of the customized LV bags carrying the bride’s initials i.e. ZBI (Zahra Buhari Indimi) was said to be worth #44.1 million. And that’s just the bags alone! Such extravagance and aggrandizement could not be happening in the household of a man, humble, with a clean and clear straight forward conscience.

For any man with a conscience, having the trust of millions of Nigerians who are in serious need of foods, clothes and shelter, among them hundreds of thousands if not a few millions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the years of Boko Haram devastation, it was simply too much for him to bear on his worried mind. How can this show of extravagance be happening in his household when many of his citizens cannot afford a single decent meal a day?

For the country this father of the bride, who was elected through public funding by poor and destitute folks to bring succor to their lives, is currently in deep recession due to the wanton corruption and unimaginable, unprecedented looting that had happened in previous governments before him on another hand, with no bail out in sight.

Though permissible in Islam, that the bride gifts in a marriage could be from almost nothing to a limitless quantity depending on the groom’s financial capability, yet decorum demands that in these times of serious recession, with stories of people dying of hunger and starvation, such extravagance publicly displayed is uncalled for.

lefenn-2zbiIf Buhari should condone such excesses, it would surely demonstrate him as a heartless person, stripping him of his image as a compassionate leader, who once cried publicly for the sake and love of his country.

One woman who earlier was happy and celebrative of Zahra’s fortune, when she heard of the LV bags £120,000 price tag expressed shock at the flagrant display of riches, most especially in this time of needs by most Nigerians. There and then she prayed “How I wish Buhari would send them packing with their vanities.”

“Haba! Can’t the Indimis see the condition of the IDPs and yet they claim they are Muslims and from Maiduguri!?” Moments later the news breaks that Buhari has expressed his unhappiness with the way things were happening, most especially the publicity the arranged marriage preparations were going and therefore has called all involved to order.

As the father of the bride, he has immediately postponed the wedding as planned until further notice. The hints of The Indimis connection with former president Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB), whose son is marrying a daughter from the Indimis is said to be one of the reasons of Buhari’s discomfort with the Zahra-Ahmed relationship. But of course that may just be assumptions.

indownloadzahraa-2It can be recalled that IBB was the one who truncated Buhari’s first stint as a military Head of State through a coup-de-tat, imprisoning him as well as refusing him to attend the funeral of his beloved mother when she died shortly after his government was toppled.

By and large, nobody is saying the marriage should not take place, but given the current hardship the citizens of Nigeria are facing, her father has found it in his sound judgment as he ought to, as the No. 1 citizen of this country not to add salt to injury.

Whatever is due to Zahra Buhari as a result of this marriage should be accorded her, and should be regarded as a grace from God. But like the President wants, let it be discreetly done. This is what he has advocated for from the on-set.

As a mark of respect for their sensibility, Nigerians should be allowed to face their economic predicaments without adding the frustrations of witnessing waste of resource they vitally need to survive in the name of a wedding celebration.

(c)2016 K. Abusiddiq/DWi