Clearly something is wrong with this democracy thing. ”If a conceited smug will be elected to lead the supposedly most powerful nation on earth, then the most cherished system of governance in the modern era, democracy is a mess.” – Dr. Ibrahim Iliyasu

What the US Elections 2016 has demonstrated is a concise repeat of what has often happened in Nigeria. That is the vote of the people doesn’t really matter. Many formally believe that such a thing could never happen in the country that is the chief exporter of democracy. Sadly that is not the case.

They said Trump won through the Electoral College Votes, despite being unpopular with the majority of the American voters. Now, Americans are saddled with a problem of having a President they do not really want. Same has happened severally through this dud democratic system here in Nigeria.

nmpkidThe process of producing a candidate by a chosen few “delegates” at party level, who ends up as a people’s representative at various levels is seriously faulted. It makes the wrong person often with highly questionable character, integrity, honor, principles etc end up as people’s representative.

Clearly, this is not the ideals of what many believe democracy was built upon. By the true and common definition of democracy, if it is indeed a government of the people, by the people and for the people, then Donald J. Trump should not and never be the President of the United States of America.

This (the production of US President-Elect Trump) more than any previous argument has categorically shown that democracy has woefully and utterly failed. It is a fake ideal and system of government. It does not truly represent those whom people would want to lead them.

Besides, it has the capacity to throw up the wrong candidates once a go-between, like the so-called manipulative Delegates in the case of Nigeria or Electoral College Votes in US would determine who finally represents the rest of the populace, even if not wanted by the people.

It means that Democracy is a deceptive game. People are being deceived into believing they decide who ends up, where, in their governance, whereas in actual fact, they have no say in it. This has always been the firm belief of most Nigerians, especially after putting to test all aspects of the democratic principles.hillary-will-lose

Democracy has been discovered to be a ruse, a system subject to manipulation, yet given the impression that it is a fair and free process. It is not! Fresh evidence has shown a software has been developed in the US since 2011, which can be used to digitally tilt election results in favor of any candidate of choice. Trump’s triumph perhaps?

And the avenues for checks and balances or for seeking redress to grievances has since been compromised and influenced, become subject of heavy negotiations. Coupled with the corruption of those responsible for ensuring justice, the judiciary, the seal of the process is completely doomed.

Now, who pays for it all? Nobody but the poor voters who are made to go through the whole electioneering process and still at the end of the day have the national resources meant to develop them, their future and their country put to personal uses or looted by the political stake-holders.

(c)2016 Kambiddeen O. A/DWi