Donald Trump

It is part of the mega grand plan of world’s future, that’s been prophesied by the Rasool SAWS and must therefore come to pass. So, if Donald Trump doesn’t say it, someone else will come to declare it. It is part of the theater acts.

It is a build up to that encounter between the Jews and Muslims that was foretold by Muhammad SAWS in the 6th century. No one can avert it, nor truncate its eventual outcome. Everything is building up towards establishing the truth in the prophesy.

This Jews gathering in one place from nooks and crannies of the world has already been predicted. Though they know its eventual outcome, but like the pregnant woman, set to undergo labor and deliver her burden at a specified time, they can’t help, but gather in that one place to confirm that historic event.

It will come to pass, exactly as foretold in several Hadiths of the Rasool. They know he never told a lie, nor has his predictions ever failed to manifest. We are all actors in its acrltualisation and the world is our stage.

That’s why I’ve since stopped bothering myself about world politics, scientific/technological advancement, moral decadence or loss of humaneness in our humanity.

Each despicable occurrence (invasions, wars, mass murder, killings, injustice, homosexuality, rape of babies, corruption etc) goes to further prove that the world is like a train set on a track, that is one way and downhill. The diversion of which is impossible and so its destined terminus awaiting its ultimate arrival.

The Declaration

Some people think all this is just fairytales. As others have said before them, that it is nothing but “asadirul awwalin” (tales of people of old). But the amazing thing about this is the fact that in all their denials and before their very owns eyes, events keep manifesting, confirming the predictions and prophesies signalling the end of the world.

As much as proponents of modernism would want us to believe, that all these evidences are far fetched imaginations of the gullible, none has yet explained certain phenomena that were said will be happening thousand of years before now.

Examples abound, for any doubting Thomas. Time will pass rapidly, year like a month, like a week, like a day, like an hour, like a minute, like a second. Gay relationships, women dressed, but virtually naked, music everywhere, in everything, alcoholism, lowly people becoming rulers, travelling long distance in short time-span etc.

Has our advancement in thoughts, sophistication in living, mastery of communication, development in science and technology etc prevented any of these predictions from coming to being in our midst? No! In fact, many other prophesies keep getting confirmed by man’s progressive achievements in various fields.

So, there we go. Jerusalem will come to be the capital of Israel, the sun will rise from the west, the Ka’aba will be dismantled block by block, Mahdi will come, Dajjal will rule the earth for 40, Isa AS will return etc are things said to come to pass. Things will keep happening to make them manifest, proving in the process Allah SWT and His Rasool SAWS words are true.

US President Donald Trump and Benjamin Nethanyahu of Israel

And we? We are nothing, but bits and pieces of the giant puzzle. Tiny parts of the bigger picture, the Grand Project of Allah that none can stop, but only play his, her or its part in actualizing.

So, save your soul if you can. Then save others, if they would allow you to. For if we recall, the son of Nuh despite having it all, refused to be saved and so perished in the flood.

Ah, another tales of old, right?