When I first saw this on the tabloids, I said to myself “O so finally, they (our elites) are beginning to incite it subtly by casually announcing it, subconsciously suggesting it to the people. I guess they have concluded preparations to see it happen, so they are opening up with it, to be vindicated when it actually comes to pass.” They remind one so much of the illuminati that gives hidden signs and messages e.g. date, year, time, place etc, about what is being planned to happen via forces or schemes they are fully aware and in control of.  For Obasanjo to publicly say this, “I’m afraid, and you know I am a General. When a General says he is afraid, that means the danger ahead is real and potent”, I want to believe the time for this plot to hatch is almost at hand. We must not be deceived, all the others in his league are fully aware of what he is saying, but innocent and gullible people are meant to think it is just the ranting of an old man seeking the much missed public attention after basking in it for the duration of his 8 years presidency.  But no, the man is telling Nigerians something he knows, they know, will soon happen because they are the ones who are planning for it to happen as a means to an end. Probably, he has been assigned the task of town-crying it, thus his public declaration of it. Disguising it under the pretext that the youths are getting impatient and restless. The youths in Nigeria have always been restless whether they were of the pre-independence era, post-independence or of his three categorization of youths currently as Area Boys, Yahoo Boys and Blackberry Boys. And looking at it closely, Obj is one of the chief architects of Nigeria’s current dilemma. In fact not just a planner, but rather one of the prominent executioners of the project. Many of those who know what is happening are surprised that Project Nigeria is still standing as against their Project de-Nigeria. But like all other plots to deconstruct this country, I’ll quote the late Bob Marley who sang “Have no fear for atomic energy, for none of them can stop the time”. This “warning” will come to pass as just another warning and like many of those who have betrayed, are betraying and will keep betraying this country, Obj will pass on to become one of our not so appreciated ancestors.  Afterall, he of all our past leaders was the one most favoured, given the circumstances that led to his emerging first as our Head of State and secondly as a President. He was the man who was given the proverbial second chance. But, what did he do with his second chance? In describing it, one would probably end up like a scratched or broken record playing the same tune over and over again.  I personally believe his first opportunity earned him a statesmanship status, where his tenure as a political leader stripped him of all decorum as a man worthy of leading a nation like ours. His second coming was a vengeance and vandetta mission, history has it on record for all to see. The hopes of many Nigerians were shattered, even his very own people the Yorubas, who witnessed an unpresidented encroachment upon their territorial political terrain by the ruling PDP. They have since taken back what is theirs as they seem capable of. But the region that suffered the harshest attacks of Obj’s Presidency was the region that made him what he was and is in terms of his proud and glowing credentials, the north. This divide has been made to pay the heaviest price of all, a price it could barely afford, its trust. During his tenure, many of the projects that would have positively impacted upon the youths of the country and in particular of the northern region were either sabotaged, denied or outrightly cancelled. Many of its rising profiles in the federal schemes of things were either sacked, retired or witch-hunted out of circulation. Commercial activities that employ many people in the north, most especially youths were either curtailed, paralysed or stopped from coming into fruition using apparatus at the disposal of his government. There was abuse and manipulations of all opportunities that could have turned things around in the country during his era. Education was all but comatosed, existing refineries were non-functional, electricity was a luxury only the desperate could afford, corruption was the norm in all sectors of the government, tussle for personal benefits from the federal treasury between the executive and legislative was the major occupation of his government. Yet, here he stands to quote his left-over figures to discredit a lack-luster goverment he played the most important role to put in place. It is common knowledge that Obj is the “Kabeyisi” of the “Chief Makers Council” of the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan as the current ruler of this nation. Yet, he has the audacity to criticise it now! And for what? Unemployment among the youths? That is why I believe, it is all a smoke screen to cover up what is actually being planned to happen. Goodluck Jonathan inherited the unemployment problem among many others bedeviling this our beloved nation and frankly speaking it would take a man of vision on a mission, who is fearless and courageous to take this country out of the murky waters it has found itself. That messiah has yet to emerge, but emerge he will and will then commence the revolution Obansanjo is predicting, though not the way he is foreseeing it. His approach (revolution) would be an aggressive, purposeful, but a bloodless revolution, using the youths and tools none of the prophets of doom in this country ever imagined.  So, Obj can stop putting himself on the sacrificial alter by saying he knows he will be one those the revolution would consume. It would not consume him God Willing. He will die peacefully and quietly, of golden old age and not be matryed to be remembered on a special day after all his and other elders betrayal of the youths of this nation.