How could you bid me a sad farewell
When you haven’t even said a sweet “Hello”?
The amazing effects of words can be magical
Enchantress, with a touch, charmingly priceless.

“May be I alone. Not with you. May be tomorrow”
Then a kiss of silence to mute all unwanted audibles
Why are you playing a sweet song, to please the deaf?
Exposing the brain, bathing in darkness, to brilliant light.

Where are you going to, better than home?
Who with, more befitting, more worthier than bliss?
When will that dreaded, detested tick-tock tick?
Whatever is this, so cruel, so mean, to wretch a soul?

Where is the moon going, outside the universe?
But the sun’s sure to swim after, till their spirits merge
Funny how the world gets excited about an eclipse
Yet in it, is the harmony of two hearts, beating as one.

Is this it, all there is, all there ever could be?
As a beat admits a rhythm into its homey heart
Making it dwell in its mind, pervading its thoughts
You don’t even care about this haroophae no more.

Did Prince charming arrive the castle too late?
He raced to the sea shore, the ship had cast-off
Rode the night to a squeaky choo-choo platform
That had smoked off into the dark eerie night.

Never giving up, he rushed again to a tarmac
Only to watch a silver glitter take-off into heaven
“Come back! Please Hearthoniyaa, come back!”
He shouted, then broke into a sobbing frenzy.

“But I haven’t done anything yet
O time! You’ve not allowed me do that
Develop you along your full spirit, I mean
Still you crown me with the ultimate of honors.”

I don’t want you to go it on your own
And definitely not, with someone else
And stop procrastinating about this
Read about “One Day” in the first cup.

There is no tomorrow
Tomorrow, the future, is in today
There never was yesterday, never will be
All we have is today, all we have is… NOW!

You’ll birth your first child with me, if divine wills
It’ll happen before you take your next breath intake
And subsequently with each and every other you make
You’ll breath it in, it’ll breath you out, duo for duo, for ever.

O Hearthoniyaa
Please assure me that I’ve not lost out
That my seed is firmly planted, flowering, blossoming
Deeply rooting in a rock, that needs no water to sprout.

For between us twain, there’ll be no echoes of goodbyes, ever.

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

***PicCredit: Nafisa Yaro