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Just blink, don't think about its link On edge of minds it parches, by the brink

FOODELICIOUS – Poetry on Nigerian Traditional Cuisines

The advantages of going back to using many of our abandon ingredients such as kuka, zogale, dangarfa etc for cooking as well as the danger of using mono-saccharide glutamate (MSG) and consumption of sugar (no food food or man’s worst best friend) were at the center of his discuss. A very enriching and enlightening opening speech it was indeed.

POET & POETESSA – Naseeba Babale

I am a symbol of morality African woman of unique hospitality Innocent, self aware, epitome of modesty Don't you see in me, an African beauty?


"Wow!" was all Aaholey could hear himself say as his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, absorbing in every single details of the sensuous queen that stood before them. "Lower your gaze. Lower your gaze Khamzool! Ya SubhanalLaah! Don't go into the house! Remember, she's all alone. Please, don't venture in there." was all Rhychous could say.

HIS CHILD – Poetry

HIS CHILD #people #givinpraise Some navigate through Life. Mind, body, spirit spliced. Wonderin, Why greys and blues-with so many hues, why The best gifts pass them by? People take, hurt Betray. It’s a puzzle all The...


Ni kam ina maraba da wannan quduri wAllahi. Don duk qasar da ke koyarwa da yarenta ba ma za ka had'a kafad'arta da wadda ke jidalin koyar da ilmi da yaren wasu, sannan su zama su na koyan baqon yaren a lokaci guda ba. India na koyarwa da yarenta, kalli likitocin da su ke haifa. China ma haka, kalli qere-qere da su ke ta samarwa. - Maimuna Beli akan yin amfani da harshen Hausa wajen koyarwa a makarantu


Poetry should be fearless...and fearful. Meaning, a poet should be brave enough to express every part of themselves, life, and society-even fantasy, insanity, and dreams - Tinika Edwards-Robinson


BIO RHYTHMMAA #CollaboPoetryProject ...By Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip" & Sotunbo O. MK ~ SOMK: Life? A race filled with strife For vain glory and praises While relegating...