A picture is worth a thousand words. Each scene most often happens once and never repeats itself. Happy, sad and sober, thrilling, funny and exciting moments plus many more we wish we can have for keeps fleetingly passing us by only for us to ‘snap’ them in our mind in an attempt to have them archived. But our memory often fails us when we need it the most. Barely recalling a face or a scenario in details.

Our maiden serving is a rare collection of pictures of Mecca and Medina in 2010-2011. Remember its on Fotorazzia and it is for your eyes only…


Thus if we have a camera ready to capture those rare beautiful moments that punctuate our life’s journey for nostalgic reference, it’s always nice. And sharing such documented collections is even nicer.

Fotorazzia is all about pictures. Lots of fotos that show precious memorable moments of people celebrating life in different and interesting places across the continents that we find joyful to recall. So if you have a set of photographs either digital or hard copies that you would want to share and inspire others to have a similar good experience, then FOTORAZZIA is the place for it.

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