…by Kambiddeen O. Ahmed

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Come, what is all this gist about Mark Zuckerberg tripping in a t-shirt, walking on foot and bubbling with young guys and gurlz all over Lagos and so was shunned by the Presidency. That one na ogbonge lie, abeg!

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Zuckerberg is a young man and so youths are his primary constituency. He knows by instinct that’s where he belongs. So, he was thoroughly enjoying himself among them. Poor guy, he thought he has seen it all.

But he has somehow been short-changed for being denied meeting with the most passionate leading traditional language facebooking state and thus populace in Nigeria; Kanawa Facebookers! Kano being the state with the highest local dialect Facebook users in Nigeria and possibly Africa by extension. What is even more amazing is the fact that such a feat was achieved using their mother tongue, Hausa.

Image result for mark zuckerberg in NigeriaAnd what more, he could have gotten to learn a word or 2 of the Hausa he values so much. A simple “Sannu da zuwa” would have seen him reeling with excitement in the midst of guys in long kaftans, kofar wambai handmade sandals and assorted types of multi-colored hand-woven tangaran caps.

Not forgetting, each of them will be holding a simple, smart phone, snapping and uploading the unfolding events, many in vibrant and pulsating Hausa, for those in their world to see. Africa has finally succeeded in exporting a language that is acceptable by the rest of the world as a means of global communication.

Hausa poetry and songs from the likes of Aminu Image result for aminu alaALA, a Durbar organized by Kano Emir and a tour of the old and ancient (over 1000 years), historic city and artifacts would have made him realize there is civilization, before modernity in Nigeria.

Anyway, let’s leave that for now. Not until he wanted to see Baba Buhari and have a selfie taken, so that guys in Amorika can believe he did stand next to the iconic Nigerian leader during his “Sub-Sahara African” (no thanks to CNN and Tyrese Gibson) trip. Hmm, Americans can be so, so comfortable in their ignorance about the rest of the world.

Image result for Kano DurbarWas he advised to shape up if he is serious about going to Aso Villa? Being the 6th richest man in the world, worth a whopping $54billion and the inventor of Facebook notwithstanding. This is Africa, where elders, leaders, poor as they may be in comparison to guys like him still deserve some due respect and honor, he might have been told.

Besides, the President is from that unique language Hausa he has his Facebook boys include among the few international languages such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese etc formally and official recognized by Facebook now. An African lingual extract that he confessed he admires so much.

Mark Zuckerberg Returns To Nigeria To Visit Buhari & Osinbajo

So, humble as he has been described to be, Mr. Zuckerberg got himself dressed up in vintage designer suit, looking formal and corporate, and was duly ushered before Mr. President, who didn’t even know all these “shaci-fadi” yarns was fed poor innocent Mark, about him. For he would have gladly welcome him with whichever clothing he might have chosen to come. Kai, these guys surrounding Baba sha!

Mark Zuckerberg Returns To Nigeria To Visit Buhari & Osinbajo 2Anyway, as you can see from the happy and excited smiles on both their faces, Buhari and Zucker connected well and clearly, the future needs the past for the present to have a new meaning and focus. Tomorrow surely looks more promising than today. Next time, Facebook man comes calling to Africa and Nigeria, Arewa and Kano will be waiting to dress him like one of them and possibly get him to take home “Gaisuwa a gareku”

DWi/Kambiddeen O. Ahmed. (c)2016