KILL (poem)


by Bello Sagir Imam 


Bello Sagir






Remove Friday

In the calendar Image result for flood town

Outlaw love

Ambush temples

Flood all towns 

Pollute emotions

 Ignore pleads

Shoot Romeo Image result for romeo and juliet

Slaughter Juliet 

Strangle Laila

Suffocate Majnoon 

Excecute Valentine 

Poison almajiri

Stone *maidalili

Burn the heart Image result for withered flower

Exterminate red 

Bulldoze gardens

Smash senses

Wither all flowers.

This worthless world

Deserving of earthquake

Worthy of tsunamiImage result for worthless world

Earning of volcano

To kill all souls

This poet inclusive.

Let *Azrafil

Blow the trumpet now!

(C) Bello Sagir Imam, Friday 4, 2015.



*Maidalili is traditionally a Hausa person who is an expert in connecting marriage between man and woman.

*Azrafil is the angel of God who is a custodian of the mighty trumpet. He has been at alert, eagerly waiting for instruction from God to blow it, which will instantly bring the world to an end.