Friday 16th December, 2016 was the day destined to witness the nuptial union of Ahmed Indimi and Zahra Buhari.

If we can recall, this wedding nikkah was earlier scheduled in September 2016, but had to be postponed due to certain reasons. These have however been sorted out and the two love birds have finally been allowed to set up a nest.

Here we present a fotorazzia of the couple as they express their uncontained joy and happiness for finally becoming one united entity. We wish them the best of married life.

DWi heartily congratulates them…

Indimi & Zahra United At Last
Bafillatanar Amarya da Babarbaren Ango
Indimi & Zahra United At Last
Ango Ahamadu & Amarya Zahara’u
Indimi & Zahra United At Last
The Groom and Bride: Sharing a joyous moment
The Bride and her mother
Indimi & Zahra United At Last
Nubian Queen Zahra Buhari-Indimi
Indimi & Zahra United At Last
The Queenly Bride & her bridal maids
Victorian Couple in the 21st Century
Indimi & Zahra United At Last
(L-R) Senator Muhammad Indimi, Ango Ahmed Indimi, Amarya Zahra Buhari, president Muhammad Buhari & Wife of the President Aishah Buhari
Hennaed Bride Zaharah with 2 lil’ queenies
Veiled Bride undergoing application of henna, perfumes and more
Flanked by attention, love, friends and family
The Bride & her friends including the bride’s mother
Proud mother beholds the Bride


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