President Muhammad Buhari

There are some among the citizens of Nigeria, yes, that same Nigeria that was meant to be no more post 2015, who are busy executing campaigns of calumny about the stability and gains the reborn nation is enjoying in recent times. The main reason for their discontentment? Corruption, ethnicity, selfish interests, sentimentalism, religion, political displacements and irrelevance.

One can’t help but to sincerely beg to disagree with those saying Buhari has not better the lot of the nation or risen up to the country’s basic expectations. They cite leaders like Winston Churchill of US, Lee Yew Kuan of Singapore, Mahatma Gandhi of India etc as examples to show how he should have led us.

Related imageBuhari is all these guys mentioned and more. These quality men are leaders of nations that were willing to be led out of the woods, with one united and desired common goal and objectives. Can Nigeria be described as the same? Clearly not.

Fortunately, most of the critics are not simpletons, but minds capable of articulation of the system. If any should ask them if they can in all honesty judge Buhari’s Nigeria with Churchill’s America, Gandhi’s India or Yew Kuan’s Singapore? Their response will be, a definite silence.

These countries wanted what their leaders led them to; greater nationhood, prosperity and national self consciousness. They as a people had a common aspiration, language, mentality and much more. Here in Nigeria, even Arewa does not have a common goal as a region, talk less of Nigeria with its multiple complexity and diversity.

Related imageThis man Buhari, apart from the security and economic challenges he met at the inception of his tenure in 2015, with international fuel prices at one of its lowest ebb in decades, was nearly taken out of the system by health issues of unknown source, but for God’s Merciful intervention.

The fight against corruption he vigorously started had the most harshest resistance by those who should have helped fan its embers and sustain it. The judiciary, national assembly, elder statesmen, religious bodies etc all ganged up to frustrate the system sanitizing drive to almost a complete stand still.

Another interesting angle is the fact that even the populace are so deep into benefiting from corruption and its practitioners, evidence is showing they are finding it hard to live a normal progressive life without it. Buhari has to some extent now become the enemy of the common man for wanting to rid the system of corrupt practices.

Related imageThose who want another agenda such Biafra, fragmenting of the country, keep draining the nation of its resources and so on, and of course those who are clearly no more interested in the common Nigerian project are not easing up on their oars toward pushing the system off the edge to destruction. They have been agitating and sponsoring internal strife at every stage of the new governance, only God Knows how deep are their plans.

Boko Haram who almost flipped the country upside down, but for the timely switch of power, were fortunately subjugated. Government forces were denied weapons against the sophisticated state of art armory of the insurgents.

Question to ask is; When that was raging, who heard anything about herdsmen then? Tsit! Now, it’s herdsmen this, herdsmen that. Why are the Fulani and their cows all of a sudden the main focus in the polity? To create chaos and destabilized smooth running of government.

Related imageThat’s right, because a Fulani man is now at the helm of national affairs. Now, those who have looted this country dry have imported and distributed so many weapons and ammunitions among themselves and their militia, and were just waiting for their anticipated war to break, so they could execute their hidden agenda.

Not seeing it happen as planned, they have thenceforth started arming group of young men in their hundreds of thousands with high powered weaponry, placing them on government’s payroll and unleashing them upon their own people, yet disguise the attacks as coming from their supposed “enemies.”

They stage what is called a false flag operation, then revisit a counter against a people they have been living with for hundreds of years on an ethnic cleansing agenda. Killing many men, women and children, raping women, rendering children orphans, displacing thousands and pillaging properties worth millions. Unnecessarily creating a humanitarian crisis of monumental and national magnitude, with thousands of refugees in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps.

Related imageTo clip the wings of a cabal and parasites sucking the blood of the nation, several policies and strategies adopted by government to further bring sanity to the bastardized national treasury and better the lot of the people in the process is promptly sabotaged by heartless, shrewd, wicked and mean unpatriotic citizens with impunity.

For example, bumper agricultural harvests recorded in both 2016 and 2017 following the government campaign for many to return to the farm, resulting in food sufficiency that could ease livelihood of the poor masses were bought over and hoarded by a clique of rich and wealthy individuals, thereby creating artificial scarcity and forcing prices of food items to remain expensive despite the perceived surplus.


Laws, officers and tools that could help escalate the corruption fight, are vehemently denied approval or constitutional access to operate by both the senate and house of representatives arm of the democratically elect government. The main reason being that most of them are likely to be indicted, if the drag net to catch and contain corrupt officials is thrown into the society.


Like it was mentioned earlier and even affirmed by President Buhari himself, the biggest obstacle in his government’s struggle against the corruption monster is none other than the judiciary. It is a system that has grown bloated, feeding on corruption and so would not assist in the war likely to consume most of them.

Then among other issues, there is the pump price of petrol, which government discovered it was unfairly subsidizing into the pocket of a few Nigerians and so decided to stop, thereby curtailing the waste. These has not gone down well with the cabal and their kinds. They are equally up in arms, fighting the government from behind the scene with all they’ve got.

Image result for buhariDeregulation of the oil sector agitated for quite sometimes was considered and instituted, which instantly solved the fuel scarcity problem. The product became available, until the marketers decided to create an artificial scarcity towards the end of 2017. The blame of such an unpatriotic adventure is once again being blamed on the President.

Ask what the people who voted for change, thereby ushering in Buhari and his team are doing to help matters, docile as ever, most are busy minding their businesses. Rather than insist for the President to be allowed to fish out the guilty and serve them what they deserve of justice, many are sadly constituting themselves into an opposition on social and main stream media. Though necessary in a democracy, they are in this current situation only depicting the proverbial, unfortunate progress of the well digger.

Then there are many from the citizenry who were enjoying heavy patronage from government coffer looters, off looted resources, which many and by extension poor citizens, both internal and externally, depend upon gain stupendous wealth and thus live expensive and flamboyant, easy lives. This lifestyle was abruptly stopped due to checks and blockades by new government policies. These beneficiaries are among those finding it difficult to survive. They are calling for return to the past.

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Again there are of course some high profile personalities who ordinarily should have been indicted, with incriminating cases of massive corrupt practices, the magnitude of which can best be imagine, that have assumed the status of “the untouchables”. They are essentially a major part of the Nigerian problem.

These very privileged few dictate what happens in the polity and which direction the country should go. They are interested in making only themselves a success, but never the country.

And because of his military background and his one time brief stint as a military head of state, President Buhari has refused to use his executive powers to do anything that is unconstitutional. This, despite the fact that for certain progress to be made in this difficult and desperate situation, it would require nothing better than to employ such democratically constituted powers to address some herculean, if not impossible matters.

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Fortunately, the international community is monitoring and recording the progress and successes the now democrat Buhari is achieving in his role as the new hope of a nation that almost would have been described by the title of late China Achebe’s last book before his demise… There Was A Country.

It is with great pride and aspiration into a brighter tomorrow that Nigerians can now say, with all confidence… There Is A Country. A brand new revived country indeed. And that country is… NIGERIA.

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