…by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Frankly speaking I want to agree with the loop-sided appointments of PMB that favors the north and I have this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that keeps saying we should ignore the wailing wailers.
But truth be told, this trend must not continue. Yes, Jonathan completely south-easternize, south-southernized his cabinet and government, the evidence is there for all to see. The north was forced to swallow the bitter pill with total disrespect and disregard for what tomorrow will bring.
The Federal Character thing was completely shelved and all complains by the north and south-west about marginalization in federal appointments as well as recruitments into all federal government’s employment opportunities were duly ignored then, till the few protesting voices eventually run hoarse and became silence.
We can also recall how Olusegun Obasanjo striped the north of many of its federal civil servants, military as well as para-military officers, all in an effort to cut the north to size for whatever “crime” it was assumed the north had perpetrated. Social media became the battle ground for many who found it necessary to engage in the war of words. And was so much cyber-bloodshed witnessed?
Also, we know it is only fair to ride on the saying “What is good for the goose, is good for the gander” and so visit the south with a “pay-back time”. That way they feel the pain and anguish of the north when it was being reduced to a nonentity in the scheme of things in the country, all because it has lost its power to rule or “birth right” as many of its opponents would choose to label it.
As an ardent and staunch Buhari supporter, who travelled the length of his leadership career, not just in politics which is recent, but since he became Nigeria’s Head of State, I know Baba Buhari and trust in his leadership ability 100%. I have no doubt about his reasons for subscribing to doing this, though I personally know them not. But with Buhari, I stand and I trust he will rectify the anomaly.
But we must not be like them. We must not create a vendetta situation in the country. And even if this will happen, it must not be done by stainless Baba Buhari. Let someone of a lesser quality and character composition come forth in future and go about it like this. And may such a person, that will behave like Goodluck Jonathan never assume the mantle of leadership of this country ever again, whether from the north or south.
“Ta mu ba irin ta su ba ce” as a new Hausa political cliché now offers, meaning ‘Ours is not like theirs’. We must remember that we voted for CHANGE. And that change, translated means anything that is negative to the well being, unity and progress of Nigeria and the common Nigerian should be discarded and its opposite be pursued with determination and vigor till it is achieved.
We can do this in appreciation of God’s Mercy upon this country by averting what many thought was imminent upon us all. 2015 was predicted to be the last year for the corporate existence of Nigeria. Many prepared for this country’s disintegration by psyching themselves, stashing weapons and ammunitions, looting the treasury dry and heaping debts upon debts on to its envisaged carcass.
Yet, Nigeria lives on under a new leadership that the whole world believes in and supports. And that is due to none other, but the integrity and quality of one man, who is now at the helm of our affairs as a country. “This is it” as Michael Jackson would say. We have been given a golden opportunity, another chance to make things right. The main problem of this country has always been that of quality leadership. Could we have gotten anything better than what we have now? Most especially after the last PDP’s 16 years of misrule? Obviously not.
So, let APC retrace its steps from this loop-sided appointments thing and do what is right. It is not a north or south thing, but a Nigeria as a whole thing. It must not be a winner takes all thing too. There is abundant potential from any geopolitical zone of this country to appoint and challenge with doing one thing or the other in our New Nigeria.
And what we (Nigerian voters) want to see too is the involvement of capable, educated and experienced youths and unknown faces, women inclusive being trusted with one responsibility or another in this hard fought and hard earned new political dispensation. No time to waste now, let’s make progress please.
Let the CHANGE flight cruise on.
©2015 Tijjani M. M.
All rights Reserved