…by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Use links below to save image.When I first saw the image of Aisha Buhari in the United States on my Facebook wall, that is currently engaging social media attention, I didn’t even know she was the one. I out-rightly dismissed the picture as that of a bunch of women, past their primes, who have discovered they can have some fun posting their pictures on an internet interactive platform.

It was later that I read many posts castigating her mode of dressing upon arriving in America that I looked again and lo! there she was, looking so much unlike her regal self. I didn’t believe my eyes at first and thought to myself “Bother yourself not, it can’t be Aisha Buhari. It must be photo-shopped”

But to justify my dismissal, I googled ‘Aisha Buhari visits America’ and the screen was immediately awashed with several images of the lady in those corporate black and white suit, looking like a free, high flying, career woman. It then dawned on me that she has been ill-advised.

For, as the wife of the much respected and highly regarded President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria, she ought to know better that she is not just a representative of the Muslim woman, a mother, the African woman, the end result of the Girl-Child education campaign on one hand, but a symbol of the emancipation of women of all nations from mental slavery on the other.

Outside the most important binding fact upon her that, Islamically Allaah SWT Has it as an injunction in Quran 24:31 among several other verses, that Muslim women should not display their adornments (Tabarruj) in public, Aisha Buhari should know that keeping all ogling eyes off her body is epitomizing modesty and a means of earning respect, not just for herself and her husband, but for all women.

I was tempted to write something about it, but chose to let those who have forged ahead in support or against her to express their opinions. Most of them, based on their sentiments and biases, without tendering tangible reasons, evidences or proofs of her wrong doing or otherwise.

Not until I saw her latest image at VOA office today, looking like the woman I have known and so much respect that I found it fit to write this piece. What more, my poetic muse was stirred and I dropped a few verses. As the poem depicts, I have taken the path of understanding and celebration, rather than condemning and disrespecting her, giving 10 solid reasons to any asking why we hyped on her dress mode and not any other’s as follows…

TO ERR IS HUMAN…..Image result for Aisha Buhari in US

…by Poetic Tee “Here, take a sip”

Well, for one

She is a Muslimat
So, she ought to be smart.

She is married to a Muslim
Tall, articulate, sound and slim.

She is ummi to a family, small
But elevated to be the mother of all.

She is knowledgeable, informed, enlighten’Image result for Aisha Buhari in US
Being a Queen for her, has never been a burden.

She is an African woman, of legit descent
Free from Jahiliyya bondage, not just of recent.

She is patient, confident, compassionate
About her disposition, there’s nothing unfortunate.

She is a First Lady, wife of our President
Her King’s role, she strives restlessly to complement.

She is now more than ever, a role model
An ambassador, a soul-sister, none can compel, dispel.Image result for Aisha Buhari in US

She is an amazon, facing challenges
On several fronts, taking them head-on in stages.

She is, more than all these, a humble soul
Who corrects her errs, wrongs, taking back control.

(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved